About Us

Little Onion Farm is a small homestead based in western Pennsylvania. On what limited land we have, we raise bantam chickens. Eventually, we hope to move the farm to more land where we can raise other species of livestock, start an orchard, and grow a more extensive garden. 

We’re committed to keeping things on a small, environmentally-friendly, and local scale. We also strive to limit our waste as much as possible. We reuse our animal refuse in our gardens, turning it into valuable, nutrient-rich loam. Our food scraps go to our chickens to pick through and enjoy, and what isn’t eaten makes its way back into the soil naturally. We love foraging (sustainably) through the bounty that nature has to offer.

Not only do we sell eggs locally – and hopefully other products in time – we also use knowledge gleaned from our farm activities to recommend environmentally-friendly, locally-made, and trustworthy products to you. Stop by our blog to access our extensive bank of farming, gardening, and lifestyle tips. Please note that our blog is monetized in order to bring extra revenue to our small business, so you may encounter ads and affiliate links.

Finally, our website is crafted by human hands and brains. Every product we recommend has been thoroughly research online or tested here on the farm before it gets our thumbs-up. Nothing here is written or proofed by AI, and it never will be – that’s our guarantee to you.

Why Little Onion Farm? What does it mean?

When we first hatched the idea of creating Little Onion Farm, we weren’t sure what to call it. We tried using the bantams we raise here on the farm in the name, but nothing seemed to fit. After all, Little Onion Farm started in a normal suburban neighborhood – it didn’t look or feel much like a farm, and it didn’t feel like there was much to draw inspiration from, either.

Days later, while mowing the lawn, we noticed how wonderful the wild onions smell when they’re cut in the springtime. The wild spring onions come up faster and earlier than nearly any other plant – and while they can make the lawn look unkempt sometimes, they’re a valuable resource that grows wild with no intervention from us humans. We felt like those wild onions somehow embodied the resilience and resourcefulness of the 21st-century homesteader. That resemblance, accompanied with the smell that always makes us smile, is what created Little Onion Farm.

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