Mixed Bantam Hatching Eggs

Bantam hatching eggs straight from the Little Onion Farm flock. These are “barnyard mix” eggs that will result in a variety of colors and traits.

12 or 18 Fresh Eggs for Eating

Ready to be used for breakfast, baking, or whatever your heart desires. Washed and refrigerated. Email to place an order.

Handmade Beeswax Egg Candles

Made with 100% pure, natural, local beeswax and an organic hemp wick. No artificial scents, colors, or other additives; just wonderful, healthy beeswax. Poured and hand-dipped by yours truly.

Eco-Friendly Stretched Canvas Chicken Prints

Manufactured and printed in the USA on stretched canvases made from 100% recycled plastic. Featuring some of the treasured chickens who live here at the Farm.

Eco-Friendly Rolled Canvas Chicken Prints

The same material and manufacturing as our canvas-on-frames, but available in more sizes with lower shipping costs.

Chicken Art Print Posters

While not as environmentally-friendly as our eco canvas, these traditional silk-paper posters are a bit easier on your wallet. Made in the USA.

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