The Big Chicken Gift Guide: 2023’s Best Holiday Gifts for Poultry Lovers

Chicken lovers can be tough to shop for. Yes, hatching eggs, baby chicks, and chicken coops are obvious gifts, but you wouldn’t necessarily want to buy those for someone without consulting them first. As such, they don’t always make the best holiday gifts. (We did put a few of them on this list anyway, just in case you have the opportunity to plan something like that.)

Food, shavings, and egg cartons also make good gifts. As a poultry farmer, you can never have too many of them! However, these “necessary item” gifts can come off a bit impersonal. It might feel too much like a last resort or cop-out to some.

As chicken lovers ourselves, we’ve received many a chicken-themed gift here on the Farm. Let us walk you through some of our favorites! In this guide, we’ll go over 2023’s best holiday gifts for your favorite poultry lover. Most of these are gifts for chicken lovers, but we added some alternatives in for other poultry types – including ducks, quail, guineas, turkey, and more – when we found them.

These items are listed in order of cost, with the cheapest at the beginning and the most expensive at the end. However, do keep in mind that online goods change price all the time, so please forgive us for any inconsistencies!

While we prefer gifts that are eco-friendly, small-business-made, or made-in-USA here at the Farm, we know that not everyone shares these values. As such, we’ve recommend a little bit of everything! Our value-aligned picks are marked with * for easy browsing.

Antique and Vintage-Style Poultry Breed Prints*

These prints from antique poultry standard books and magazines have a timeless appeal and style all their own. They look fantastic alone, but work especially well mounted in a series of three or more. The perfect wall decoration for someone who’s into poultry and has a soft spot for vintage goods. The link in the heading will bring you to a list of our favorite examples. Cost: ~$5+

Reproduction prints are usually from ~$15-$30, while authentic vintage pages can reach the hundreds. Printables are usually ~$5.

Poultry Art Prints and Paintings*

Artwork is one of the most universal gifts you can give, especially for the poultry fancier who already has everything. You can bump the value and thoughtfulness of this gift by supporting a small, independent artist, too. Click the link in the heading to see a collection of art prints and original paintings by our favorite Etsy artists (and some by us, too!) Cost: ~$5+

Cost depends on medium, original vs. print vs. printable, and other factors. Most options will be ~$15+.

Handmade Chicken Christmas Ornaments*

In our opinion, there’s no such thing as too many Christmas ornaments, especially when they’re beautiful and meaningful. We’ve curated a list of our favorite handmade poultry ornaments at the link above. A great gift option for any poultry owner, especially one you don’t know too well. Cost: ~$5+

100 Count Duck Paper Clips

Need something small, inexpensive, and most importantly, useful? Whether you’re at the workplace Secret Santa or just shopping for a duck lover, these paper clips should do the trick. They’re cute enough to show off your recipient’s quacky personality without being obtrusive or obnoxious. Cost: ~$10+

Goose Socks

They’re adorable goose socks. Enough said! Yes, socks are a gift that some love and some hate, but if you need something small and funny for your poultry fancier, this is the ticket. This listing comes in a pack of three, but you can find single packs online as well. Cost: ~$12

Handmade Resin Chicken Dangle Earrings*

Chicken dangle earrings gift

There are a lot of chicken earrings out there on the market, and many of them tend to be a little outlandish, in our opinion. These resin chicken earrings strike the perfect balance between cute, chicken-y, and unobtrusive. Plus, they’re handmade by a small business right here in Pennsylvania! Cost: ~$12

Handmade Leather Key Tag*

Sometimes showing love can be as simple as a small piece of leather. These hand-stamped key tags come in multiple designs, each featuring a different symbol. Our favorites are, of course, the quail, duck, and turkey designs above. They’re made to last, and they make a great fallback option for the person you have trouble shopping for. Cost: ~$12

“Love Chickens” Vinyl Car Decal*

Want to proclaim your love of chickens to the whole world? Maybe you don’t, but if you know someone who does, this is the perfect gift for them. Even if your recipient doesn’t own a car, this decal can go on a window, laptop, door, or any other surface that accepts vinyl. Designed and cut by a small business in Ohio. Multiple color choices, too, and comes with a practice decal. Cost: ~$13

Wood and Acrylic Circular Chicken Earrings*

For someone looking for an earring that’s a little more upscale or chic, but who still wants to show off their chicken fancy, these are perfect. Made with half-wood and half-resin, and finished with eye-catching gold attachments, these earrings look equally at home with formal and casual outfits alike. Made by a small business in North Carolina. Cost: ~$14

The Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook*

There’s one thing that poultry lovers almost always have in abundance, and that’s eggs! At times, it can be tough to figure out what to do with them all, short of selling them or making a big batch of stuffed eggs. This critically-acclaimed cookbook helps put a swift stop to that with more than 100 egg-centric recipes. Cost: ~$15+

Cost is for a hardcover physical copy. Spiral-bound costs ~$34.

Glass Chicken Plant Stakes*

There’s very little that’s cuter than a tiny chicken, and these miniature glass figures are no exception. Each glass chicken is mounted on a stainless steel stake for easy planting in your garden. Handmade by an artisan in Virginia. Cost: ~$16

Funny Chicken Wooden Coaster Set*

Coasters can be a bit of an overdone gift, we’ll admit. But we promise your recipient will forgive you for these funny, nerdy chicken coasters. They make great conversation starters! Each coaster is laser-carved in wood and comes in a set of four. This set is from a small business based in Wisconsin. Cost: ~$18

Pavilion Gift Company Nesting Measuring Cups*

Not everyone cooks or bakes, but most of us need a measuring cup at some point. This nearly-universal gift combines farmhouse aesthetics and functionality to create something adorable and useful. Plus, it’s plastic-free – made of ceramic – and it’s even dishwasher safe (though hand-washing is recommended to keep the decals intact). Cost: ~$20

Handmade Chicken Beanie*

Warm winter hats are a classic and much-loved holiday gift, and a cute chicken design only makes them better. We’ve picked three of our favorites for you to choose from – click the pictures above to see them all! Cost: ~$25

Sunset Vista Designs Cast Iron Porch Bell

This cast-iron bell isn’t just decorative – it’s functional, too. A porch bell can serve a variety of purposes, from calling your kids home for dinner to getting someone’s attention. You can even train your free-ranging poultry to come home at the sound of the bell. Cost: ~$25

IZI POD Chicken Sweatshirt

Chicken-themed wearables are incredibly popular, and we really love this holiday-friendly chicken sweatshirt. It comes in three cute designs, one of which is Christmas-themed. It’s customizable, too – you can get it in green, sand, grey, white, black, or navy, and in a cotton-blend sweatshirt or T-shirt. Cost: ~$26-$50

Cost depends on the options you select. You can find a similar duck version here and a quail version here.

“Home Is Where Your Flock Is” Pillow*

If you know someone who loves chicken-themed décor – or who loves lots of pillows on the couch or bed – your gift options are basically endless. This particular pillow comes in tan or white, and comes with the cute graphic shown above. You can customize the text, font, and text color as well. A must-have for the chicken-loving family. Cost: ~$30

Custom Egg Stamp*

A personalized egg stamp is a fantastic gift for any poultry owner – especially one who sells fresh eggs. A custom stamp denoting the seller’s business is a great way to elevate the product, and it leaves a lasting impression on the customer, too. It’s awfully hard for them to forget your business when it’s stamped on every egg! This particular listing is from a small business based here in the USA. Cost: ~$32+

Handmade Chicken Pottery/Mugs*

Stoneware is an eco-friendly and beautiful gift that’ll last your recipient for generations. Handmade pottery is a dying art, and while not everyone will appreciate such a gift, those that do will see its inherent value. These are handmade, one-of-a-kind items that sometimes go out of stock, so we’ve given you a list of our favorites at the link above. Don’t be afraid to look through the sellers’ shops for other choices, too! Cost: ~$33+

The Rubber Hen Bag

You may or may not have seen this chicken bag on social media. It was a sensation! There’s really no better way to make a statement about chickens than to carry this bag around. It’s the perfect size to hold your valuables while proclaiming your poultry fancy at the same time. Cost: ~$36

BarnwoodUSA Countertop Egg Holder*

Many backyard chicken owners like to store and display their fresh eggs on the countertop. Here in America, you can’t do this with store-bought eggs, since they’re washed from the factory. Unwashed backyard eggs, though, can store on the counter safely for several weeks. This long, horizontal egg holder, made in the USA with reclaimed wood, displays them in style. Cost: ~$40

ChickNic Table*

The ChickNic table has been a fan favorite all through 2023, and we’re sure it’ll continue to be popular in the future. The concept is simple: it’s a small, wooden table that you can spread seeds and other goodies on for your chickens. It’ll look like they’re eating at the table when they come to have a snack! This one is made by a small Maryland business. Cost: ~$45

The Muck Boot Company Chicken Boots

There’s really no better gift for a chicken lover – or really, any outdoorsy person – than a good pair of outdoor boots. The Muck Boot Company has some incredible options that combine style and functionality.

As the name implies, they really are muck proof. They’re designed to keep dirt, mud, and moisture out, whether you’re braving snow, sleet, standing water, or just straight chicken poo.

We really like the Women’s Muckster boot we linked above – it’s a women’s mid-calf boot with an adorable chicken print, perfect for your favorite poultry lover. Unfortunately, their men’s muck boots don’t come in any cute chicken patterns, but their camo styles are cool enough to make up for that shortcoming, we think. Cost: $115+

Omlet Chicken Coops*

Not everyone can buy a chicken coop for their loved ones – they’re not cheap, and it’s that kind of gift where you kind of have to talk it over with the recipient first, to make sure it’s okay. If you do happen to know someone who needs a new chicken coop – whether that’s your significant other, your child, your parent, or a dear friend – we recommend starting with Omlet.

Omlet has several different chicken coop styles and shapes available, and as Omlet coop owners ourselves, we can’t overstate the attractiveness and functionality of these coops.

As far as RTA coops go, Omlet’s price-to-quality ratio is excellent. Plus, you’re supporting a small business, and Omlet’s chicken coops are 100% recyclable. Cost: $400-$1,500+

Price depends on coop style, run size, accessories, and other options.

Nestera Chicken Coops*

Nestera is another fantastic option for the generous gifter this holiday season. Nestera’s chicken coop line comes from a small business, just like Omlet, but with a twist – they’re made from 100% recycled plastic. The coops also have a slightly different aesthetic – they have a more neutral look that some may prefer to Omlet. Cost-wise and size-wise, they’re about the same.

Disclaimer: we don’t own a Nestera chicken coop (yet), so we can’t comment on their usage, convenience, durability, etc, but they do come with an impressive 25-year warranty. Cost: $540-$1,500+

Price depends on coop style, run size, accessories, and other options.

Final Thoughts

Do you have a chicken lover or other poultry enthusiast in your life to shop for this year? If so, did you like our gift ideas? What would you want to receive for Christmas as a chicken lover? Did you have other ideas in mind that we didn’t list here? If so, feel free to send us an email with your thoughts so we can expand our list for next year!

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